AOR AR2700

The AR2700 is now no longer, however this receiver is also available as the Camnis HSC-190, Trident TR-2000 or Commtel COM600

The AR2700 can be externally controlled via a Computer using the AOR CU-8232 or any suitable alternative such as our own JAV-232 or RS-2700. The AOR 2700 can also be used in conjunction with the Opto Electronics Scout for reaction tuning.

The AR2700 has full uninterrupted coverage from 500KHz to 1300MHz with any mode of AM, Narrow FM (NFM) or Wide FM (WFM) on any frequency. Various increment steps can also be selected by the user.

500 Memory Channels are available to store frequency and mode whilst 10 Search Banks allow the user to define an Upper and Lower limit to search between in any mode and increment step.


  • Frequency Coverage
    500KHz-1300MHz with no gaps
  • Receiving Modes
    AM, NFM & WFM.
    "Auto Mode" is also available but can be overridden at any time
  • Increment Step
    AM & NFM - 5KHz, 6.25KHz, 9KHz, 20KHz, 25KHz 30KHz, 50KHz & 100KHz
    WFM - 50khz & 100KHz only.
  • Memory Channels / Search Banks
    500 memory channels in 10 banks of 50
    10 search banks
  • Scan/Search Speed
    Approx 30 per second
  • Computer Control
    External computer control is possible via an external Interface.
  • Digital Voice Recording
    Installing the optional RU2700 Voice Record chip will allow upto 20 seconds audio to be digitally recorded and replayed over and over again.
  • Size/Weight
    153mm(h) x 63mm(w) x 40mm(d)
    315 grammes
  • Power Requirements
    4.8v Nicad, 6v Alkaline (4 x AA) or 9-16V dc external
  • Other features
    Sleep Timer
    LCD & Keypad illumination
    Permanent on screen battery indicator

Price & Availability

As mentioned earlier the AR27000 is no longer available.

Optional Accessories:-

JAV-232 Computer Interface
RS-2700 Computer Interface
CU-8232 Computer Interface
RU-2700 - Voice Record Chip that will allow 20 seconds of audio to be recorded and replayed
SC-2700 - Soft Carry Case
LC-7100 - Leather Carry Case. The leather carry case that we produce for the Yupiteru MVT-7100 (which is almost identical in external dimensions/shape) fits the AR-2700 pretty much like a glove.

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