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The SDU-5500 is an 'all new' Spectrum Display Unit and a worthy successor to the SDU5000 (which offered practical and cost effective monitoring). Coupled to the AR5000 receiver, it provides a spectrum display of 10 MHz bandwidth anywhere between 10 kHz and 2600 MHz.

The SDU5500 has a (larger) high resolution monochrome (white/blue) LCD with improved status read-out on the top-half of the display with a spin wheel tuner controlling the marker position, similar to a dedicated high-priced spectrum analyser. On screen programming is provided via on-screen menus with six keys controlling selection in addition to the numeric keypad for frequency entry.

Briefly... the SDU5500 adds a variety of features to extend your receiver's capabilities, such as visually identifying new active frequencies and taking measurements. The SDU5500 may be used with a number of receivers (which have a 10.7 MHz I.F. output) and provides a bandwidth up to 5 MHz in 1 kHz increments with a resolution of 5 kHz or 30 kHz.When using selected AOR and ICOM receivers, the frequency, mode (& attenuator with some sets) may be controlled from the SDU5500.

It may also be used with receivers which have an IF 'close' to 10.7MHz (in the range 5.7 to 15.6 MHz with reduced bandwidth) such as the Kenwood TS870S where the SDU5500 makes an excellent companion band scope so that adjacent channel activity may be constantly monitored, (on VHF this is particularly popular with frequency management organisations). The SDU5500 may also be connected to a PC where all controls are accessible and display data can be downloaded for record and later analysis, you may measure the frequency and signal strength of historical events!

Main features

  • Menu driven operation
    All facilities are within easy access through each dedicated function key and on-screen menu.

  • Full inter-connection with the AR5000
    The AR5000 can be operated from the SDU5500 enabling selection of centre frequency, receive mode, etc. Any frequency spotted and monitored by the SDU5500 can be received by the AR5000 straight away.

  • Full inter-connection with other AOR & Icom equipment
    Support on menu for AR3000A, AR5000, IC-R7100, IC-R9000, IC-R8500

  • Direct reading of the receiving frequency and input level
    By placing the cursor on any spot frequency you can read its frequency and input level on screen. When connected with the AR5000 the SDU5500 virtually works as a spectrum analyser over 10kHz to 2600MHz range as the centre frequency always becomes the receive frequency.

  • Wide spectrum coverage
    The SDU5500 covers a maximum of +/-5MHz spread against the input frequency.

  • Dual frequency resolution
    Selectable, either 5kHz or 30kHz resolution.

  • Wide input range
    -10dBm to -90dBm by using two selectable gain settings.

  • Highly accurate frequency management
    Through the DDS controlled local oscillator circuit.

  • Wide variety of displays
    Graphical display and statistical analysis.

  • Remote control via PC
    All keyboard operations of the SDU5500 can be mimicked by PC.

Price & Delivery

  • The SDU-5500 is now available and within the UK/EC the SDU-5500 is expected to be 799.00 (inc VAT) which would put the export price at 680.00 Pounds, about US$1150.00.

Other Information

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