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    Following on from the Trident TRX-100XLT the TRX-200 is a wide band 100KHz - 2149MHz receiver with 40 channels band scope and is capable to receive all modes such as AM, NFM, WFM, LSB, USB, CW.

    TRX-200 is also carefully calibrated one by one to display absolute signal strength in dBuV as well as regular signal strength meter alteratively.

    Alpha numeric name tag capability to put name on memory channels or search bank name for easy identification.

    We hope to have stock in the very near future and will provide more details when available.

    Main Features

      • Only 62(W) x 117(H) x 28(D)mm
      • Easy personal computer interface
      • Back-lit LCD and keyboard
      • 100KHz - 2149MHz
      • AM, NFM, WFM, LSB, USB, CW
      • Auto memory function
      • Minimum 50Hz frequency increment
      • Inverted audio scrambler decoder built-in

      The TRX-200 can be connected to a Computer although a a suitable level conversion interface is required.

      • RS-TRX - This is a direct serial port (9 Pin or 25 pin) - TRX-200 lead
      • JAV-232 - compatable with many receivers and not just the TRX-200

        Trident have released a software package that can be used and it is available as a free download from our website.

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