AOR AR5000 - "The new Horizon"

New wide band, all mode base receiver 10KHz - 2600MHz

AOR have been synonymous with pioneering design of high quality wide band receivers for many years building on the strength of the AR2001, AR2002, AR3000 and AR3000A. The tradition continues and we are proud to announce the arrival the very latest receiver...the AR5000.

The new receiver is not based upon any specific earlier model but draws on the best points and combines this experience with the latest circuit design. The result of this clever RF design is a very sensitive receiver with excellent strong signal handling capabilities over a very wide receive range.

The AR5000 is housed in a newly designed solid metal cabinet and provides a very wide receive frequency coverage from 10kHz to 2600MHz, all mode reception FM, AM, USB, LSB & CW and MANY microprocessor facilities aimed toward professional monitoring and the dedicated listener.

AOR have also just announced details of the enhanced AR5000+3

Receive circuit details

The AR5000 offers excellent receive sensitivity across the range, typical figures:

Aerial input is via high quality N-Type connector and secondary switchable SO239 connector. A switchable preamplifier is employed for the short wave bands.

Microprocessor control

Extensive remote control

SDU5000 & SDU-5500 ready

Key features


Availability & Price

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