Export Prices
For delivery outside the UK and EU member countries
December 2008

Whenever possible we much prefer to quote for any product via e-mail as this allows us to provide considerably more information especially for our overseas customers with regard to shipping options and the current price in your local currency which is dependant on exchange rates.

We would hope there are many factors when considering where to purchase your equipment - price is obviously one but product knowledge, after sales service, in house repairs and when needed direct support from manufacturers are several others that might be considered. We do not like to think of ourselves as box shifters and providing prompt, detailed information is just one way in which we can hopefully show this. We have gained a reputation for providing a fast & friendly service, and believe that you, the customer is our most important asset.

Credit Card sales are charged in sterling with your Credit Card company making the conversion into local currency. The US$ prices below is based on the rate of US$1.50 = 1.00 (GB Pound). Please make use of the currency convertor below these prices for a more accurate indication of current prices.

Product Price GBP
Pounds Sterling
Price US$
Based on $1.50
Shipping Method
included in price
Optional Express
SBS-1e Virtual Radar N/A - - -
DJ-X2E N/A - - -
DJ-X3E N/A - - -
DJ-X3Z N/A - - -
DJ-X10E N/A - - -
DJ-X2000E N/A - - -
DJ-X2000W N/A - - -
AOR AR7030 N/A - - -
AOR AR7030+ N/A - - -
AOR AR8200 Mk3 N/A - - -
AOR AR8600 N/A - - -
AOR AR8600 MkII N/A - - -
IC-R2 N/A - - -
IC-R3SS N/A - - -
IC-R5 N/A - - -
IC-RX7 N/A - - -
IC-R20 N/A - - -
UBC-785XLT N/A - - -
UBC-3300XLT N/A - - -
VR-120D n/a
VR-500 N/A - - -
VR-5000 N/A - - -
MVT-7100 N/A - - -
MVT-7200 N/A - - -
MVT-7300 N/A - - -
MVT-9000MkII N/A - - -

For more detailed information on the above models, accessories and shipping options please e-mail us - we can provide far more additional information and try to answer any of you questions.

You may also wish to make use of the International Currency Convertor below to provide conversion based on current exchange rates. Any actual charges to a Credit Card however will be converted into your local currency by your Credit Card Company at their current rates and could vary from any amount shown. The form below defaults to converting UK Pounds Sterling to US Dollars however many other currencies can be selected. All conversions should be used as a guide.

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